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Reach your audience where visual media can’t — from headphones to the car.
Tell your story with sight, sound, and motion.
Put your brand front and center with ads designed for viewability.

Audio Everywhere

Our Audio Everywhere package allows you to reach your target audience on any device, in any environment, during any moment of day. Audio ads are served between songs during active sessions, ensuring that your brand achieves 100% SOV.
In addition to the audio spot, your brand takes ownership of a clickable companion display unit (placed in the Cover Art area), allowing you to extend your campaign and drive traffic to a URL destination.
Mobile, tablet, desktop, web.
Select gaming console, connected TV, connected car, and connected speaker availability varies by market.
video poster

Video Takeover

Deliver quality viewable video views across desktop and mobile devices.
Tell your story confidently in a rich, immersive canvas. Video Takeover gives your brand access to a premium app experience where all ads are delivered to logged-in users when they’re engaged, and the app is in view. Spotify video views have leading viewability scores compared to industry benchmarks.
With Video Takeover, your video message is served to listeners between songs during commercial ad breaks, and includes a clickable companion display unit for campaign extension.
Mobile, desktop.
video poster


Welcome users back to Spotify with your brand message.
Reach your audience with ads designed for viewability. Overlay is delivered when the user returns to the Spotify app, ensuring maximum brand impact. The immersive display unit is clickable and drives traffic to your brand’s URL destination.
Overlay on desktop will persist in full-screen mode until (1) the user engages with the ad, (2) the user clicks the X or somewhere within the Spotify app, or (3) more than 30 seconds pass.
Mobile, desktop.
video poster

Homepage Takeover

Put your brand at center stage on the front of Spotify’s Home page.
Deliver a high impact experience by showcasing your brand message on the front of Spotify’s Home page for 24 hours. Homepage Takeover is clickable and supports rich media, enabling brands to include interactive elements to further capture attention.
Desktop only.


Reinforce your brand message with IAB standard display.
Extend your campaign reach in a brand safe environment – your message will be the only message shown for 30 seconds. Leaderboard display units are clickable and only served when Spotify is the top app on the screen.
Desktop and web app.

Coming Soon

Sponsored Session

With Sponsored Session, your brand becomes a gateway to an enhanced streaming experience. Offer your audience the opportunity to unlock 30 minutes of ad-free listening in exchange for watching your brand’s video.
Users receive your brand’s Sponsored Session offer only if the app is in view, at the start of mobile sessions. After watching your video message, a clickable display unit appears, inviting further engagement and initiating the 30-minute ad-free session.
Mobile, tablet devices.


Authentically tell your brand’s story to an engaged audience of podcast listeners.
Podcasts present a unique opportunity for brands. Through the intimate and high-quality environment of podcasts, brands can reach highly engaged audiences like never before.
As a result, podcast ads drive meaningful engagement for advertisers — from brand-building to direct response objectives. Advertisers can have their messages delivered by trusted voices or leverage more turnkey audio creative options that fit natively into the content.
We now have a wide range of podcast advertising opportunities available at Spotify, and we’re here to help you get started.
Mobile, Desktop, Tablet, Web Player, Gaming Consoles, Smart TVs, Connected Speakers, In-Car, Wearables
About our audience research:
Spotify analyzed the distinctive streaming habits of Spotify listeners, identifying variations across demographics, platforms, dayparts, music tastes, and behavioral audience segments (sourced from internal first-party data, November 2017). To supplement this analysis, first- and third-party attributes were merged to understand how streaming habits are related to branding measures and purchase behaviors. GlobalWebIndex (GWI) surveyed a total of 9,745 internet users 16-64 in June 2017 across 10 markets: Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, Philippines, Sweden, UK, and USA. The survey is weighted to be representative of the internet population in each country aged 16-64.
1–6, 10–12, 16–18: Spotify Internal Data, November 2017
7–9, 14–15, 19–21: GlobalWebIndex, 2017, all numbers compared to average online user
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